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  • Promoting from Within

    During these uncertain times, we can easily get trapped with all the bad news in the world. Perhaps now more than ever, we need to focus on the good news, and look to celebrate successes and wins wherever possible. With this in mind, it brings MVIS Ltd and Bartco UK Group MD, Pat Musgrave much pride to...
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    Celebrating 3 Years of Hard Work

    At Bartco UK, we take enormous pride in our team. Whilst we often have things to celebrate, we ensure that each and every achievement is given the credit and focus it deserves. Our latest cause for celebration is found with one of our 3rd year Technical Apprentices, Cain Gregory. This week, we are proud to...
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    Bartco UK: Refurbish, Reuse and Recycle

    Here at Bartco UK we are proud to have achieved our environmental management ISO (14001:2015) and therefore are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and also make the company as sustainable and environmentally efficient as possible. Office staff are asked to follow paperless protocols in order to reduce the amount of printing...
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    Resolve – an IT partner you can rely on

    Despite working from home, MVIS and Bartco UK staff have been able to take their offices with them and carry on with their daily tasks, and it is partly thanks to Resolve that we are able to continue to carry on providing the highest quality service possible during the uncertain times which we are currently facing. Resolve...
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    Bartco UK team members earn forklift qualification

    At Barco UK we believe that quality starts with our staff and therefore we like to ensure that each member of our team are fully trained in order to provide our customers with the highest service possible. With this in mind, we like to embrace all achievements our team earn and do not shy away...
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    In-House Teamwork and Training makes the Dream Work

    Here at MVIS and Bartco UK we believe that quality starts with staff and our staff retention is something that we take pride in. With 5 staff members continuing after a completed apprenticeship, two currently undertaking apprenticeships and a further 1 to become a manager after joining us at only 18, when we say that we...
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    George Sheldon Completes Level 3 Apprenticeship

    At Bartco UK, we take every opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our team. In recent months, we look to our Workshop Technician, George Sheldon, who has completed his Level 3 apprenticeship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. George stands as an incredibly well qualified individual, especially for his age and to top things off, as...
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    Bartco UK Proudly Collect ISO Accreditations

    Last month, we announced that the MVIS / Bartco UK group has been recertified with our ISO accreditations in quality (9001:2015), environmental management (14001:2015), and health & safety (45001:2018). This week, General Manager of the ITS group, Anne Ashman officially collected the new certificates at a celebration event marking our achievement, along with Dom Bridge,...
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    City Centre Traffic Management with the VMS A

    When our cities need to keep moving despite roadworks, we rely on the experts to make it happen. ITS Group MVIS / Bartco UK contributes to keeping Britain moving with a product specifically designed and manufactured to meet inner city and urban demands – the VMS-A. For inner city and urban works or for roads...
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