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    Greater Speed and Greater Flexibility with BartcoLive

    Introducing the new BartcoLive™ app from Bartco UK. Designed to further improve the efficiency of our VMS ITS solutions, BartcoLive™ offers more options for traffic managers to update messages on their VMS units remotely via any internet enabled device. Working in conjunction with our innovative Web Studio™ technology, the new BartcoLive™ app means that wherever...
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    The Small But Mighty HD Quattro

    The HD Quattro might be our smallest mobile VMS, but by no means is it any less mighty! High quality and reliable, the HD Quattro is ideal for traffic management in work zones where a traditional VMS sign would be too large. With all the power and technology of our larger units, the HD Quattro...
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    Closer integration of the research and development operations of two intelligent transport system (ITS) firms will promote slicker product innovation for the benefit of traffic management organisations worldwide.   Bartco UK is evolving its partnership with our Australian sister company, Bartco Traffic Equipment PTY, thanks to a significant development of the role of former technical...
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    By Matt Felce, technical manager of MVIS and Bartco UK When looking for a corporate partner to facilitate the development or delivery of an ITS solution, it can be tempting to favour one of the big names in the industry; big names can engender instant confidence in both supplier and customer.   Yet MVIS and...
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    MVIS at Highfields School


    By Anne Ashman, general manager MVIS and Bartco UK   A considerable degree of a business’ success depends on establishing strong working relationships with other companies.  Four years ago, we extended our network beyond the commercial to include our local secondary school, and it has turned out to be one of our most beneficial associations....
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    Why choose the Solar IP?

    One of Bartco UK’s most popular products, the Solar Intelligent Platform, or Solar IP, is an innovative product that supports a combination of temporary traffic management systems....
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    roadworks traffic lights

    5 Benefits of the HD Quattro

    The HD Quattro is the first temporary mobile variable message sign (VMS) designed specifically to improve safety within work zones. Using dual colour (white and red) it clearly displays on-site speed limits for work zone vehicles, but these aren’t the only benefits......
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