Promotion from within – Tom Hooton

Promoting from within is something that we are proud to boast of here at MVIS and Bartco UK. Understanding that our team is at the forefront of our fast-growing business, we are always looking for ways that we can offer personal and professional development to all our incredible staff members.

With this being said, we are proud to announce that our former Technical Development Supervisor, Tom Hooton, has been promoted to Research and Development Manager!

Joining us in 2014, Tom has not only grown within the company but has also been instrumental in groundbreaking changes. Whether it’s developing new solutions, such as our Original Bartco HD Compact unit, or finding ways of improving our Intelligent Transport Units and integrations with our warehouse team, we know that Tom is always at hand to pass on his knowledge and experience to any department, having time and appreciation for all of his co-workers.

Tom began his journey with us as Technical Support and has continuously developed within his role over the past 7 years. Seeing this new promotion as a way of further investment in his career, Tom has taken on a level 5 apprenticeship in management to see himself excel in this new managerial role. His initiative, determination and ability to think outside of the box has seen Tom develop his knowledge in using CAD software and with this has developed new, bespoke solutions like our most recent solutions, the works Egress, soon to be available for hire through our MVIS Ltd.

Holding his on-site cards such as his CSCS and Highways England Passport, Tom has a hands-on approach when it comes to understanding all of our units and this means that he has been able to improve and develop some of our technically advanced solutions with Bartco UK, with an example being our highly versatile SIP unit.

Over the past year, Covid-19 has not stopped Tom and the rest of the team from going above and beyond to provide the best for our customers. Back in June 2020, we were able to announce our latest version of the HD Compact VMS Unit which offers added developments such as solar power and a new highly extended maintenance-free run-time. This project was overseen by Tom and the Technical department.

After speaking with Tom about his new job role, he stated “I am very grateful for the opportunity and am looking forward to the challenge that It will bring. I also appreciate the trust that has been put in me as this company has been so good to me, putting trust and giving me opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. This is my proudest achievement to date in my career and I can’t wait to prove myself for the role.”

Being with us for 7 years shows Tom’s dedication to his role here at Bartco UK. Monitoring the market for the newest innovations and being able to develop them into bigger, better solutions means that our team can live up to our reputation.

Anne Ashman said “We are proud to have such a highly driven team here at MVIS and Bartco UK and would like to say a big congratulations on his new role and Thankyou to Tom for his dedication and hard work over the past 7 years! “