Electronic Bill Board (EBB)

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Created to enhance road user experience, the Bartco Electronic Bill Board (EBB) allows static images to be uploaded directly on to an electronic screen positioned on the roadside, enabling traffic managers to visually communicate the nature of roadworks to affected road users.

Designed for use on motorways and throughout the road network, the Bartco Electronic Bill Board (EBB), which can also display text information, can be updated locally via a PC/laptop using dedicated software or via Android and Apple devices using our apps. The Electronic Bill Board (EBB) can also be updated remotely via any PC through your preferred browser and the optional 3G module, and helps enhance road user understanding, reduce frustration and improve safety around roadworks.


  • Can be updated locally via PC/laptop or our Apple and Android apps, or remotely via PC
  • Displays static images and text
  • Enhances communication
  • High quality display
  • Manufactured in the UK

Technical Spec

  • Display size: 3m wide x 2m high
  • LED pitch: 5.9mm
  • Resolution: 504 pixels wide x 336 pixels high
  • LED style: full RGB
  • Brightness control: automatic or manual
  • Power requirement: single 16amp feed (100ma RCD)
  • Communications: Wifi, 3g (option)