HD Data Collection Radar

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Easy to set up and maintain, the HD data collection radar is accurate and reliable and is used extensively to provide vehicle analytics. It comes complete with the Solar Intelligent Platform (IP).

Incorporating the latest technology the HD data collection radar collects consistently accurate traffic data in high definition. Operating in the 245MHz bandwidth, it produces a radar beam with five times greater resolution than other, similar radar traffic detection devices.

The HD Data Collection Radar delivers accurate data for traffic monitoring systems, even in slow or congested traffic. This product also boasts a detection range of 250 feet and the ability to simultaneously detect up to 22 lanes of traffic.


• Adaptable to all weather and lighting conditions
• Suitable to use with our Solar Intelligent Platform (IP)


• Up to 22 lanes of traffic
• Time stamp
• Speed class
• Volume of traffic
• Speed class
• Length class