Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Bartco UK’s mobile and fully autonomous intelligent transports systems (ITS) solutions offer fast, cost-effective deployment and scalability.

Our market leading range includes CCTV, Radar, ANPR and Journey Time Solutions. All of which can be mounted on Solar Intelligent Platforms (IP) and deployed either as multiple units on a single platform or on individual platforms as required.

Our ITS solutions can be combined with a mobile VMS system to suit customer requirements.

Civils and external power and communication sources are not required.

  • Solar Intelligent Platform (IP)

    The Solar IP is an innovative mobile product, allowing the flexible combination of a selection of temporary intelligent traffic systems equipment and event management solutions. The customer may select their preferred combination of any number of items from Bartco’s portfolio of ANPR, CCTV, and radar, and these will all be accommodated on the Solar IP.

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    Jenoptiks’ Vector integrates the industry-leading ANPR processor with a state-of-the-art dual-camera imaging system as a single unit, removing the need for a separately housed processor at the camera location. The product facilitates the flexible combination of ANPR and overview cameras, pulsed LED illuminators and ANPR processor, to suit the client’s application precisely.

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  • Portable CCTV


    Bartco UK’s portable CCTV unit comes complete with our innovative Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) which has been designed for road work zones, school zones and anywhere that speed enforcement and road safety is critical. This unique solar powered, mast mounted PTZ CCTV system incorporates the latest in video encoding technology, delivering exceptional frame rates.

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  • HD Data Collection Radar

    SmartSensor Radar

    Easy to set up and maintain, the HD data collection radar is accurate and reliable and is used extensively to provide vehicle analytics. It comes complete with the Solar Intelligent Platform (IP). Incorporating the latest technology the HD data collection radar collects consistently accurate traffic data in high definition.

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