Remotely Operated Temporary Traffic Management (ROTTM) Signs

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Designed to improve safety around planned works, Remotely Operated Temporary Traffic Management (ROTTM) signs display graphics, numbers and letters to clearly communicate to motorists which lanes are open – and which are closed.

Manufactured in the UK and operated by a dedicated Operators Terminal, these permanent variable message signs (VMS) can be instantly updated offering highways managers precision control of traffic around work zones.

One of the most energy-efficient units on the market, the ROTTM was among the first products of its generation to comply with changes in government standards.


• Red/white LEDs with a 20mm pitch
• Control system
• Hardwired communications via a single IP address
• SNMP v3 & UTMC compliant
• Mains powered with on board 1 hour battery back-up
• Optional inertia switch that isolates the mains feed to the sign in the event of being struck by a vehicle
• Fitted with an external battery isolator switch
• Low power consumption
• Manufactured in the UK