Web Studio™

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Bartco UK has a unique sign management system, Web Studio™, which enables the user, from any internet enabled device including Apple and Android smartphones, laptops, iPhones and iPads, to remotely locate their mobile variable message signs (VMS) and change the message on each sign to update drivers on up-to-the-minute road conditions, literally at the touch of a button. The user also receives an SMS notification if a sign requires attention or maintenance.

As well as changing the messages on the mobile VMS, Web Studio™ enables the monitoring of radar devices, which can be built into the solar-powered signs to help with traffic calming or data capture. Speed information can be changed remotely and, if necessary, scheduled in advance.

The Web Studio™ system supplied by Bartco UK is ideal for users of multiple VMS, such as police forces, local authorities, event organisers and traffic agencies. At the touch of a button, any number of the mobile colour VMS can be controlled saving both travel time and cost.

Introducing the BartcoLive™ app

The new BartcoLive™ app means that wherever you are, you can control the messages displayed on any of your portable VMS, with greater speed and flexibility.

Features include: secure login, searchable asset list, instant message updates, user-defined asset groups, map and directions.

Available now on Android and Apple devices.