Rebecca Prince

I really enjoy baking and seeing people’s reactions when they try my baking creations (which probably sounds like I’m an awful baker!). But actually, the reactions I get are quite funny. I’ve had people say they want to marry me for my baking, one person who works with my husband said and I quote “OMG! These are the best cakes I have ever tasted, and I don’t even like cake. You are amazing and you will make me fat!!” My baking might not always look great, but the reactions are what I live for.

I’m probably most proud of where I am in life as a whole. I have a nice house, a wonderful husband, a few pets, including a rabbit, two cats and a tropical fish tank, but one of the main reasons I get up in a morning is work.

I started working for the company back in March 2015 as an apprentice and have slowly worked my way up to a supervisor role, which I really enjoy.

The company has allowed me to progress and learn from day one and they are great to work for. Bartco UK have supported me not only in my job but also in my personal life and without my job I wouldn’t be where I am now. I enjoy achieving new goals and helping people in general mainly because I get a ‘feel good’ factor when I help people. 

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